Here is a select collection of our Representative Engagements


Commercial Litigation

Trial – Breach of Commercial Contract.

Prosecuted claim of airplane parts supplier against Hawaiian Airlines for wrongful rejection of $265,000 airplane engine. Won judgment for client after trial. (U.S. District Court)

Writ of Attachment.

Teamed up with New York law firm in bringing a $60 million action for anticipatory breach of commercial contract, and ex parte application for writ of attachment. (California Superior Court)

Trial – Alter Ego.

Defended Canadian parent of local manufacturer against cross-corporate alter ego suit by trade creditors of local manufacturer. Court entered judgment in favor of client on motion after presentation of plaintiff’s case. (California Superior Court)

Ex Parte Writ of Attachment.

Prosecuted commercial collection action for wholesale supplier of food products against individual guarantors of chapter 11 debtor. Obtained structured settlement for full payment after obtaining and levying ex parte writ of attachment. (California Superior Court)

Ex Parte Writ of Attachment.

Prosecuted commercial collection action against Chinese manufacturer of flat panel TVs for fraud and breach of contract against local perpetrator who induced delivery of 1,000 TVs by presenting a forged purchase order. (California Superior Court)

Receiver Representation.

Represented equity receiver charged with correcting defects in Beverly Hills condominium project and selling luxury condominium units. Handled various related actions and proceedings, while receiver collected $23 million for creditors. (California Superior Court)

Receiver’s Sale of Automobile Dealership.

Represented automobile manufacturer in receiver’s sale of Los Angeles automobile dealership. (California Superior Court)

Bailee Negligence.

Prosecuted pre-litigation claim by importer of food products for contamination of inventory by local warehouse operator. Negotiated settlement requiring warehouse operator to pay importer for loss of inventory. (U.S. District Court)

Bankruptcy Litigation

Arbitration – Fraud and Conversion.

Represented petitioner in arbitration of claim against general contractor for theft of $8 million from funds intended for construction of petitioner’s luxury residence. Prosecuted adversary action for exception to discharge in contractor's ensuing bankruptcy case. (American Arbitration Association; U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Adversary Litigation: Commercial Bribery.

Prosecuted adversary action for commercial bribery on behalf of major computer and smartphone manufacturer against supplier. Supplier had given sports cars, vacations and $15,000 monthly cash payments to manufacturer’s executive to secure placement of $89 million in contracts. Executive resigned and invoked Fifth Amendment. Supplier filed chapter 11. After intensive discovery and contested hearings, Court disapproved supplier’s Disclosure Statement, forcing supplier to capitulate to manufacturer’s settlement demand. (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Bankruptcy § 363 Sale – Restaurant Franchises.

Represented fast-food restaurant franchisor in connection with franchisee-Debtor’s bankruptcy sales of 13 restaurant franchises and plan of reorganization. Successfully asserted franchisor’s right to withhold approval of buyers, despite franchisee-Debtor’s assertion that such right was based upon an unenforceable anti-assignment provision. Negotiated settlement requiring franchisee-Debtor to cure all defaults and to pay franchisor’s legal expenses. (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Exception to Discharge/Computer Forensics.

Prosecuted adversary action by multinational technology manufacturer against manufacturer's former IT administrator/chapter 11 debtor who downloaded manufacturer's VPN Client (i.e., firewall) software and passwords on his last day of employment. (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Bankruptcy Trial.

Represented photo-chemical technology company in chapter 11 filing and sale of technology patents to Newco. Successfully defended sale over objections at trial. (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Adversary Action – Alleged Breach of Contract.

Defended big-box home improvement retailer against adversary action brought by Debtor, a former staffing provider that alleged multi-million dollar underpayment of fees. Refuting Debtor’s claim through intensive financial analysis and deposition testimony. (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Bankruptcy § 363 Sale of Auto Dealership.

Represented automobile manufacturer in sale of Riverside, California automobile dealership under Bankruptcy Code § 363. (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Sales to Debtor-in-Possession.

Advised toy manufacturer in negotiations over pre-petition claim against and post-petition sales to KB Toys. (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

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